Aircraft types for charter

We work with all well renowned aircraft operators providing high quality aircraft and complying with the regulations set forth by the Civil Aviation Authorities. If you need a business jet, we'll get you one. If you need a jumbo jet, we'll get that too. Or any other type of small or large aircraft. Cargo planes or helicopters - you name them.
We supply all kinds of aircraft for all kinds of missions. Anytime you need them. Anywhere you want them.


A helicopter is one of the most convenient and timesaving ways to transfer between the city and airport, alternatively an easy way to reach remote destinations.

Twin piston

Twin Pistons
A economical aircraft range suitable for short distance flights. Aircraft seating capacity ranging from 3 to 8 passengers.


A wide range of aircraft suitable for short and medium distance flights with a duration of up to 2-4 hours. Aircraft seating capacity ranging from 4 to 70 passengers.

Business Jets

Executive Jets
An Executive Jet is the most time efficient way of travel, suitable for medium or long distance flights. Aircraft seating capacity ranging from 4 to 16 passengers.


Large jet aircraft suitable for all kinds of flights. Aircraft seating capacity ranging from 50 to 400 passengers.

Cargo aircraft

Cargo Aircraft
Any type of cargo. Ranging from short notice flights carrying vital spare parts up to large cargo aircraft that can transport any volumnious goods.


Please note that actual aircraft can differ slightly from the description provided on this web site. Images and the floor plans are used for illustration purposes only.

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